Monday, July 16, 2012

30 by 30

I want to lose thirty pounds before my thirtieth birthday. As I don't turn thirty for right around nine months, I don't think this is an unattainable goal.
Except that I love to eat. And to sit.
I'm not a huge fan of working out. I don't 'get the bug' or whatever it is that some people feel when they've been working out for a while. I work out for a while and then think "That's enough. I don't like this." and then I sit down and eat a Twinkie and read a book.
I am not afraid of getting older. I am afraid of getting older while still so overweight. I want to be in some semblance of a shape that is not 'round'. I want slim(mer) hips. I want a waist. I want to only possess the one set of breasts, rather than having a smaller, unattractive set right below the ones God intended me to have. (sorry. That sounds terrible written out, but it is the truth.) I want to be able to enjoy the next decade running after my girls and not feeling put out every time Eva wants to run the length of the house (which is her favorite pass time). I want to WANT to take them on walks and bike rides. I want to embrace their youth and what's left of mine.
So the plan looks like this:

  • Cut out most soda. I'll still have it ON WEEKENDS ONLY and ONLY when we are out to eat. And only Ski (which is a delicious, high calorie, high caffeine local soda) which will cut down on the soda intake even on weekends since not everywhere serves it. 
  • Replace some of the sugar in my coffee with Splenda. I like my coffee with an embarrassing amount of sugar. More sugar, probably, than a woman should have in a day, in general. And, I generally dislike artificial sweeteners. But, I found today that if I use just ONE Splenda, I can cut down on my sugar by about a teaspoon at least. So there's that.
  • No sweets except on special occasions. I have come to treat 'treats' as if they should be a staple in my diet. I'm going to try to make them actually TREATS rather than everyday occurrences. 
  • Be more active in general. Not sitting on my ass every night should help.
  • Work out three or four times a week over my lunch hour.
I don't think these are things I can't handle, but we'll see. I'm hoping that putting it out there for you all (all zero of you?) to see will help keep me honest. I'll be updating every Monday with how I did on my goals.