Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Recap

Hola friend(s)! Happy Monday to you. How was your weekend?
I promised a recap of the trip to the Goodwill Outlet and I am disappointed to tell you that I don't have much to share! It was pretty dead, to be honest, and I don't know if it was the freak three or so inches of snow we got or the football game that was apparently happening yesterday that caused the shortage of crazy. There was one man who had some kind of pointy object and was kind of menacing, so there is that, but otherwise not a lot to share. Disappointment was pretty large.
I did get to have a fantastic lunch with some friends and that was nice. Grown-up time without the children. It was incredibly low-stress and I really needed the recharge. After the lunch and before the Goodwill we went to Walgreens to pick up some latex gloves because I am not digging through the bins of Goodwill rejects without some kind of barrier between me and the God only knows what this is in those bins. While Julie, Elizabeth and I waited in the car, Steph and Becky ran in to get the gloves and we were accosted by some man not once, not twice, but three times. I am afraid of pretty much everything and I'm always certain that someone is out to get me, so when this man would not stop approaching my car, I just drove in circles around the parking lot... I win.
Saturday I took the little ladies to Target with me and they were really well behaved there. (I stress the word there because that was about the only time they were well behaved for me this weekend.) Eric had drill and that means I single-mothered it on Saturday and part of Sunday. It was...a  trial. I have not been alone alone with the girls in weeks since Eric's parents had been visiting for so long - and lets just be honest here. My kids are kind of needy and I'm not one of those patient moms who keeps calm when both kids are whining. I just whine right back. The drama llama was loose in my house this weekend is what I'm saying.
Saturday night we went for a quick drive and Eric mentioned that the children had been sleeping through the night for the last week or so and then of course that ended the streak. Remind me to hit him for that tonight because, man, I need my sleep.
I don't think Friday night actually happened, because I can't remember any of it. At all. It's all that quality sleep I'm missing...
I have started a new something as far as working out goes. TJ, the trainer at the gym I do boot camp at, wants me to drop my body fat percentage quickly, but he wants me to build up muscle, too. Last week I lost muscle mass as well as fat. I'm fine with that, but TJ has other ideas. He suggested that squats, push ups, and sit ups were the best exercises to do to quickly build up my muscles, so the last two days I've been doing 100 sit ups and 100 squats. I hurt my wrist on Saturday (when I caught Audrey as she tried to dive face first out of the car onto the Target parking lot) so I've been laying off of the push ups until today. My plan is to do those things in addition to my regular work outs - so, even on boot camp days, I need to get these things in. Here's hoping I can drop the fat, but get leaner quickly.
Anyone have any good tips for building up your muscles but still burning off the pounds? I am most concerned with getting that number on the scale down!


  1. UH I thought GW was a blast! a success!?

  2. Goodwill wasn't the bad thing. It's more that there were no crazy folks to talk about.