Friday, January 25, 2013

Finally Friday!

What is it about having ONE day off in the week that makes it feel like you were not at work for seven days? We had Monday off in honor of MLK day and so I had to spend most of Tuesday catching up on reading all of my favorite blogs work and things and that means this here blog got ignored. That and the fact that I lead a very boring life and am once again second guessing the decision to even TRY to blog. There is so little worth sharing! So! I shall bullet point today.

  • I was down two pounds on Wednesday morning and felt pretty good about that! Until I went to boot camp last night and turns out it was Weigh In Thursday and their scale showed me four pounds heavier than mine had the morning before. Also, the owner, TJ, used his fancy phone to calculate our body fat and I am shamefully fat. Shamefully. So it gave me a little more oomph in my workout but also made me want to fall into a vat of whipped cream covered stuffed french toast. Tasty.
  • The in-laws head home Monday. I'm having the mixed emotions about it. I'm glad to get the girls back to their regular every day (and, okay, me too) but the good company and delicious food will be missed. I'm getting a sneaking suspicion that my mother-in-law would be happy to move back to the area. I would not object to that move. 
    • To clarify, we really do love having them here. Angie is a sweetheart and Eric and Jim get along famously and have the best time doing projects together. But, I am a creature of habit. I'm someone who does best when things are just so. It's always an adjustment to have house guests and this visit has probably be the best one yet. I'm learning how to mellow on my crazy lady behavior and they're learning how we roll. It's been lovely, even if I'm ready to just have my little family in my house.
  • So on Wednesday I had this great plan for the evening. One might even call it idyllic. (one would be dumb. Dumb, dumb, dumb.) A few weeks ago Steph had purchased some Melissa and Doug wooden mirrors for me for the little ladies. They came with these gems that you could glue on, stickers, and glitter glue. Basically, little girl crack. The night before, right at bedtime, Eva had wanted to have her hair french braided and her toes painted, so I thought, how nice for us. We'll do that, too, and it will be little girl heaven time. Yeah. No. We did the mirrors and it was glorious. They both loved it even if Audrey is too little to trust with glue of any fashion. Then, we did toes and followed it up with piggy tails for Audrey and double french braids for Eva. They even got to watch a freaking episode of Doc McStuffins. It was delightful. Until Doc ended and Eva had a high speed come apart because we wouldn't indulge her desire for another show. I'm surprised that the police did not show up at my door based on the level of screaming and flailing that took place. Sister has a voice that travels and she screams like you are stabbing her if you cross her at the wrong time. The lesson learned: Don't do nice things with your children. End of story.
  • Both children cussed this week which just shows what a stellar parent I am. Eva said crap and Audrey (you'll remember her as the child who doesn't speak) said shit. I really win at this job. 

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  1. I know that Audrey cursing should not make me laugh out loud... but it totally did!! Kids cursing just makes my life better somehow, I don't want to know what that says about the kind of person that I am. I am also a person of routine, and love a plan. Being friends with your co-worker has forced me to be not so uptight... since she spats on the idea of a time line, or a plan made at least 2 weeks in advance... she really believes the whole YOLO mantra. Anyway, glad you'll have your house back. Oh and you're so pretty, and you smell like sunshine and Angel's wings :)