Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weight and other items of interest to no one but me.

I lied. I said I would probably be weighing in on Fridays, but that is a damn lie.
I am weighing on Wednesday. Because my facebook challenge told me to. And I am down half a dang pound. That is not impressive. That is not good. And I have been a failure at my challenges to myself for the most part. I DID plank and do wall sits yesterday and I will today, but prior to that was a big fat zero. I lose.

My in-laws are still visiting. It's been a fairly delightful visit so that's very nice. Last night, I was doing my planks and my mother-in-law, Angie, wanted to know what the heck a plank was. So, I showed her. And she proceeded to whoop my ass at planks. Thanks Angie. The woman has never done a plank in her life and she held for a full minute the SECOND time. The first time Eric didn't time her throughout, but I guessed it to be about forty-five seconds. For the love. Really. I did fifty seconds and wanted to die. Planking is boring, yo. I seriously despise it. But, I really would like to be able to do a two minute plank at some point because right now, Eric is showing me up in that department. Anyway. After Angie schooled me in planking, I showed her some other basic yoga moves that I like and the little ladies decided to get in on that. They were kind of rock stars at mountain pose. Startin' 'em young.

I said "other items" and that included an 's' so I feel like I need to come up with something else to discuss with you, but this is pretty much my life for the time being. Tonight I am going out for drinks with my friend Sheena. I'm so cosmopolitan! Drinks on a Wednesday!

Tell me something good.

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  1. All I see is you protest planking when I read this... I am not positive I know what a plank it. Anyway, tell you something good. Well I have recently learned of a new animal called a Quokka... it's like a cat sized kangaroo, look how adorable!!