Friday, January 18, 2013

There is no point to this

Today is not a goal reaching day. It's just not.
My goal is to move. To burn calories. To make my heart race and my blood pound through my veins.
I'm a receptionist. I get paid to sit on my ass and smile.
Most days, I have a friendly little person who comes in and sits by me and lets me run off and galavant around the building so I can sort of meet those goals. She's off today so my job is to NOT GET UP. It's a little frustrating. I won't get in my ellipitical time tonight because we're taking my in-laws out for dinner for their anniversary, and if the last four weeks have been any indication everyone will be ready WHEN I WALK THROUGH THE DOOR and I will not even have a moment to, ahem, use the facilities. And we're hitting up The Pasta House and I promise I will not eat an entire dinner sized order of fettuccine alfredo and nor will I eat more than two one of those delightful tiny loaves of bread. I will be a grown up and show restraint and also order the spaghetti with that light tomato sauce. I can't think of the name. Life is no fun.

So, last night, randomly, Eva pokes me in the bottom lip. "Mommy," she says, "why is your lip pink, but this one" here she pokes my top lip "....looks like this...." I don't know what 'looks like this' is. I was fairly certain my lips were uniform in color until last night. This is the same child who, while I was pretending I liked to run, repeatedly asked her daddy "Why is Mommy SO SLOWWW". Girlfriend has a way of knocking you down a peg.

I'm getting itchy again about Audrey's speech. Or, rather, lack thereof. Most words sound exactly the same if she bothers to say words at all. Most words, that is, except for "shoes". She has a serious fetish. She can't say Eva's name but she has been able to pronounce shoes clearly for many months.
It might be time to bring in a speech therapist. I'm really considering calling and having her screened. I hope it's nothing. I hope she's lazy and quiet. But, I'd rather know now if she's going to be speech delayed.
Does anyone know anything about this stuff? Am I crazy? 20 months old with maybe ten words and various animal sounds doesn't seem like enough....

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  1. A shoe fetish?! Pshh she's progressive for her age in my opinion :)